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what the hell is this?

27.4.12 | 3 comment(s)

there was a time when i worked at McDonald's a boy claimed me as his girlfriend eventhough i already have one.
Duh.. can you please tell me what is your problem?
he even get mad if there is any other boy were talking to me
he said to each of my colleagues to stay away from wee. what the hell
who do you think you are?

some how i managed to see this picture in his Facebook wall photos album
actually, my gf, Zyra also my bezfrenz, Harith n all of my perfect chick.. dont 4get me, frenz.......
what was in your mind you nerd. getta off my head!

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Hi peeps. It's Zheyrr fer short. An Omnomnomnivour!
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