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This Is What Happen When You Joined NAVY

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This is base on a true story.. By the way, HAPPY NAVY DAY EVERYONE! :B
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well, obviously, these one was us,
on the first interview, i don't know why i choose to join NAVY instead of anything else. probably because of friends of mine.
well, that's not what i'm going to tell here.

there was a time i feel like 'best gila' when joining NAVY because of my squad. they was the most supportive friends I've ever met. in term of physical activities. sometimes i might spend overnight with them, share stories, talking bad about the other squad. OK, don't tell me that you've never done that, i hope you'd be struck by lightening soon enough. (joking) Anyway, thanks Buddies!

we got to attend a so-called "NAVY orientation program" for about 2 weeks (it was only 10 days actually). I have to tell u that most of the officers keep on trolling us on that time. they ask us do squad roll on wet field which full of people's puke. DERM,, i still remember the smell. -..-
one of the officer were spraying water from the fire hose, and it goes like this.

obviously, we were just an officer cadet a.k.a cadet, thus we have lot of punishment that we got to do,, the one-that-cannot-forget is Comander Rest. supposely, it should be like this,
see, it was terrible isn't it. but, when it come to us, it does look ugly!

my squad always be beside me when i need them,, the best part was on my burrr-daahh.. luckily i'm wearing a new pair of shoe on that day, or i end up pushed by them into a swamp full of 'biawak komodo'. well, they were spending on my birthday, treating me with a nice Secret Recipe's Cheese Cake and a cup of Jasmine Tea.

they were willing to skip the NAVY activity and spend some times with me, the most youngest squad!
those are they :B

plus, i won't forget about my dearly sister; Natrah who they claimed has the same face as me... Duh,, i don't see any similarity between us. she came from Kedah which in the north, and I'm from Selangor. all I know, we have about the same height and age. Uh, mine might differ from others point of view.

SHOW OFF my officer
he was a LIEUTENANT and only 20++
he is Lieutenant Ahmad Zaki
he deserve a DiGi Woww Award, he also had a daughter. so lively, take a look at him,, I'm speechless. he just as cute as a child. :B
he was famous with the words; "On your Back", "On your stomach", and "On your Head" (the one that i tell earlier)
at first it was like tiring, somehow it was fun to do with my squad, we were like laughing behind his back (not in the wrong way, we got used to it) when we were ask to do that!


well, back to the topic.
from my point of view, joining NAVY was the best decision I've ever make. some how i become quite skinny due to skipping lunch and dinner (but not now) and on the other hand i become more like organized person.
thanks to my squad for lending hands and ears when I'm having problems. all of you can be called the best-friend of mine.
However, I've decide to retreat/retired/run-away what ever you can call due to something that takes forever to be known. If all of you was happen to read this entry, I apologize for all of my sins and was hoping that we can preserve the friendships that have been built between us. No offend please.

'Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side...'

NV 8704479
Former Officer Cadet Norzieyra Binti Rosli

++ tengah practice English, sorry untuk bahasa yang huru hara -..-

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