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based on the previous entry,
Anis tanya:

1. whose fb are u stalking?
9gag kot
2. if u wish u were born as someone else, who would it be?
Ivanka Trump
3. opposite sex celeb crush?
Devon Bostick
4. same sex celeb crush?
Britney, obviously!
5. tell me something i don't know
I'm in love with a Pilot
6. big risk that u take on and gives a big pay-off?
7. how do u feel about your crush?
the one that i have crush on or the one that have crush on me?
8. if u wish one game/movie would be a real life, which will it be?
The Sims
9. evil twin. are they good or bad? why?
Bad, Double Evil
10. will u play uno with me?
nahh.. you'll lose.. hohoho
11. did u lie in any of your answers on these questions?
nopee, perhaps


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