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OMG its him again!

15.11.11 | 0 comment(s)

I receive a sms while sleeping last nite. And its from him.
You know, its been 3 years after breaking up and he keep on sms n calling me.
Its annoyed me, he's the one who leave me for another girl, but then he came with an innocent face

I just ignore his and went back to sleep.
You know, all of the our-love-stuff has been break/loss/i dont what to say by itself

The one that i love the most, wax craft
Alah..the one that we put our hand inside a pail full of wax, and then turn out as a so called pretty waxed hand
Yeah..we did it, a love-shaped finger
Then, on his part, i dont know why. Its melt. BUT, inside a fridge. Can you tell how it possibly be?

Mom said that we not destined to be together, afterall, he leave me for stupids reason. So, we come to en end. I manage to forgot him infact.
Somehow, maybe god want to test me, and we were in the same univ (shit!)
Thats y he keep on sms and calling me,

To you, please go away (hell, might be) and find anyone else. Thank you. Actually i want to tell everyone what you have done to me. However, im EDUCATED person. and i already have someone to rely on.

MSMI = i always love you

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